AGEFI - TV interview with Pascal Uffer (CEO, Boost Inc)

Boost Inc grows exponentially, winning clients across Europe

Launched four years ago in Zurich, Boostbar, the product and services arm of Boost Inc in Switzerland has established a firm foothold in Great Britain.

In 2022, Boostbar acquired Aeguana, a British company also active in connected distributors, with founders known for “spectacular automaton projects, for Tiffany or Piaget,”. But it was especially their technological platform that impressed and its ability to manage any type of Point of Sale in one place, giving operators and brands full control of the user interface, offering and promotions, payment and media. The two companies also had common clients and worked together on certain projects, which facilitated the rapprochement.

Specialising in the rental of connected drinks or snack dispensers, the company provides its automation management technology to existing players, such as Dallmayr or Selecta.

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