Boostbar and Aeguana come together as one

We are proud and excited to announce that Boostbar and Aeguana will come together as one joint brand!

In our years of collaboration, we worked hard to always develop better concepts for automated retail and vending.

In 2022, as we merged, we laid the foundation for this step. We grew together, and strengthened our organisation.

Together, we now empower operators, equipment manufacturers and brands to take their business to the next level and stand out in the market.

We don’t just improve our customers’ businesses, we boost them.

In doing so, we not only help increase efficiency, but enable them to grow sustainably.

Woman holding boost mug

The way people shop, as well as their expectations in terms of experience and the availability of food, have fundamentally changed. The continuing shortage of skilled workers and service personnel, combined with high expectations of availability, freshness, and sustainability of food solutions and new technologies, made it clear for us: The world needs better concepts for unattended and automated sales points.

With Boostbar, we have been offering a smart solution for complete catering – from coffee to meals – since 2020. For the workplace, but also for hospitals, schools, and hotels. Boostbar is now the fastest growing operator in Switzerland. Aeguana has been our trusted partner from the start, helping us develop the right technologies and successfully bringing them to market.

Coffee machine with Boostbar logo over the top
Woman searching with Aeuguana logo over the top

Aeguana has been at the forefront of the vending industry since 2010. Starting out as a garage-style software company, we built cashless vending machines in shapes the world had never seen before. Since, we have evolved to become front-runners in innovating automated retail through our integrated technology ecosystem.

Moving forward we will live this promise under one shared brand – Boost inc. We unite our experiences and skills to take unattended retail to the next level: combining hardware, software, and a deep understanding of the needs of operators and end customers.

The Boostbar brand will continue to be present in Switzerland, providing catering and coffee solutions to our customers. We’ll focus even more on our “as-a-service” offerings with expertly curated assortments and reliable service. So, nothing will change for our existing customers, except that our product and service will become even better.

Our hands-on operator experience as helps us improve the user-friendliness, sustainability, and quality of our solutions every day. The only way to take the vending and unattended retail industry to the next level, is to always keep both operators and consumers in mind and heart. at the centre of our experiences.

We will gradually introduce our new brand to create a smooth transition. We are excited and looking forward to the next step of our joint journey. Let’s level up to stand out!

The brand

We’re levelling up — under a new name, and with a brand new look.

Our brand identity is built on the promise of delivering unattended retail experiences that make you stand out. We’re very excited that it underlines the exact value we bring to our customers.

At Boost inc, we think in ecosystems; we expand, merge and multiply. With our bold visual language we build the backbone of our core message: to help you build solutions that elevate & help grow your business.

Level up with us to stand out — and optimise efficiency and drive sustainable growth with stand-out experiences.