Hofmann’s Case Study

Award-Winning unattended setups: Innovation without waste

Our customer and partner Hofmann’s was looking for a way to make their premium frozen available to customer segments they couldn’t historically reach.

We worked with them to provide a viable solution to address this market and 4 key topics:

  • Climate Change – with plastic free packaging
  • Digitalisation – with 24/7 smart vending
  • Automation – with award- winning retail technology
  • Energy Efficiency – to combat food waste issues

The Solution

Hofmann’s wanted to produce 24/7 frozen meals for their consumers. Our partnership enabled us to develop a joint concept – HofmannsToGo. The solution grew exponentially and Hofmann’s were able to operate their frozen products using our technology:The Smart Freezer. This solution presented a complete and well-thought-out start-up concept that transported a novel product directly to the end consumer.

“Conclusive solutions for topics such as communication, packaging, logistics and a sustainable zero-waste approach make the idea ‘HofmannsToGo’ an outstanding winner at the premiere of the new dti innovation award.”
Manfred Wulf, jury representative Partner InCharge Management.

The success in 2023

In 2023, Boost Inc, won the first Frozen dti Innovation Award supported by AFC and Anuga with the new frozen catering concept ‘HofmannsToGo’.

● 75 – Signed contracts in 2023
● 100+ – new customers in under a year
● 0% – Food waste
● 125,000 – Frozen meals consumed from machines